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It is the responsibility of man to live in harmony with nature and all its living creatures while tapping the earth’s vast mineral resources so as to maintain and improve our essential needs. This may incur an end cost. Polluting our environment however also carries a huge burden of responsibility on all of us in order to maintain the future of our entire eco system and the natural beauty of the earth.

In the bulk handling industry such as coal, iron ore, quarry aggregates etc., the control of dust is of prime importance and should be regarded as part of the process. It should not be considered as something that is reluctantly added to the process at minimal costs and neglected thereafter.

Enviro Dustfoam Suppression Systems
Enviroflo Dustfoam Suppression
The use of DustFoam suppression systems results in considerably less water being added to the process than conventional dust suppression systems. The Nalco DustFoam™ is totally inert, is an organic material and has no detrimental effects on watercourses, cement or bitumen coating processes or most other mineral related processes to the best of our knowledge.Read More

Enviro Bag Filters
Enviroflo Bag Filters
A bag filter could be regarded as an oversized vacuum cleaner. Extraction points are fitted to the process at strategic locations where dust is normally generated. Dust is extracted and collected by the filter ensuring that statutory air pollution levels are adhered to.Read More

Enviroflo News
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo/Nalco have recently commissioned a Rail Topping (or Rail Wagon Dust Suppression System) at a coal mine in Africa. The system automatically sprays a solution of Nalco DUSTBIND encrusting agent onto material in rail wagons to prevent material loss during transport. Read More

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