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Other Products and Services

Please see below for a list of the other products and services in our range.

Vehicle Underbody and Wheel Wash

For the cleaning of vehicles prior to entering public highways.

Enviro Wheel Wash

An Enviroflo Engineering Vehicle Wheel Wash System should ideally be installed prior to and within close proximity to the site weighbridge but kept well within the site boundaries so that vehicles do not carry any excess water onto the public highways, it should be in a level area with good access onto the ramp.

The system is designed to deliver a high volume of water to the total spray configuration and normally designed to operate automatically as the lorry enters the wash. This is achieved by the use of an inductive loop cable buried in the ground at the entrance of the wheelwash. The sprays turn off automatically via a motorised valve, after a pre set time period.

A recycling pump operates in conjunction with the main wheelwash valve so that the water is immediately transferred from the recycling lagoons to the clarifier tank. The clarifier tank has a motorised valve on the cone outlet which will open periodically to empty any settled solids into the drain trench and thus back to the settling lagoons.

A ramp rinsing arrangement can be included which operates for a period of time after the main wheelwash valve has closed and washes any dirt down into the drain gully. The main pump will de-energise after a pre-determined period should no vehicle present itself to the wash.

Please note that other forms of water/sludge removal can be offered.


For the collection of dry dusts from a gas flow. These can be used as terminal filters if the product handled is coarse. Generally speaking, however, a final filter is needed to 'clean up' the cyclone outlet gases prior to discharge to atmosphere.

Enviro Cyclone


For the classification of dusts or pre-cleaning of dust laden gas flows prior to a bag filter or scrubber.

Enviro Skimmer

Pneumatic Conveying and Silo Systems

In association with the Enviro Bag Filters range or Enviro Venturi Scrubbing equipment we offer Pneumatic Conveying Systems to convey the dry dust from the collecting equipment into remote silos. We also offer Pneumatic Conveying and Silo Systems generally for powder handling and a range of abrasive resistant bends and diverter valves.

A pneumatic conveying system will generally comprise a blower unit, a means of introducing product into the conveying pipe, the conveying pipework system and a means of disentraining product from the conveying air at its final destination.

Silos can be ground mounted or elevated on structural steelwork for tanker access. Automatic bulk loading spouts are available for dust free discharge into road tankers.

Chemicals for Other Dust Control Applications

Enviroflo Engineering offer a range of NALCO chemical products such as:

Enviro Dust Conditioner

The Enviro Dust Conditioner (or 'Pug Mill') is a dust control device designed to add water, or in some cases, a wetting agent to dry granular materials so as to 'dampen down' or condition the product prior to off-loading from a storage hopper, silo or bunker. Water conditioning reduces or in some cases eliminates the release of dust to atmosphere from the product as it falls into an open vehicle, skip or onto the ground below.

It is normal to feed the product volumetrically by means of a rotary valve. The conditioner has a number of paddles mounted on two parallel shafts and these shafts are driven by means of a geared motor. The water is added via a solenoid valve to the product in the dust conditioner by means of a number of centrifugal sprays and the product and water are mixed together during the passage along the length of the dust conditioner. A discharge opening is provided at the end of the conditioner.

Enviro Dust Conditioner


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