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Rail Topping System for Africa

Enviroflo/Nalco have recently commissioned a Rail Topping (or Rail Wagon Dust Suppression System) at a coal mine in Africa.

The mine loads coal into rail wagons and it is transported for several hundred miles. In transit, a significant percentage of the coal is lost from the exposed top surface due to windage. This leads to a number of problems:

The Enviroflo/Nalco solution is a fully automatic system to spray a solution of Nalco DUSTBIND onto the top of the material in the wagons after loading to act as an encrusting agent. This forms a strong and flexible bonded crust on the surface of the material with minimal moisture addition. The applied crust cures slowly to allow material settling.

Train Spraying

The majority of the equipment was pre-installed into a modified, insulated, lined and air-conditioned shipping container. On arrival at site the container was located on prepared foundations and the application equipment was unpacked and installed together with the interconnecting pipework.

Train Spraying

The following video demonstrates the operation of the automated system.

Other News

Bagfilter Relocated to Asphalt Plant in Scotland
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo have recently completed the installation of a Reverse Air Bag Filter System to replace a venturi scrubber on an asphalt plant in Scotland. The Enviroflo filter, which has been relocated from a moth-balled plant was installed to budget and on schedule. Read More

Asphalt Plant Improvements in South East England
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo were recently commissioned to survey the existing Reverse Air Bag Filter System at an asphalt plant in South East England. As a result, Enviroflo were asked to install a filter inlet duct complete with automatically actuated damper, a new filter outlet duct and new exhaust fan. Read More

Dust Suppression Dosing Container for Nalco US
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed the manufacture of an air-conditioned and heated containerised dosing system for export to Nalco in the USA. The container includes a water tank, filter and pump together with a compressed air receiver and control gear. Read More

Bulk Storage Facility for Nalco 71D5Plus
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a bulk storage facility for Nalco 71D5Plus at a plant in Scotland. The installation comprises a 10,000 litre insulated and bunded storage tank with electric heating, a maintenance access platform and recirculation system. Read More

DustFoam Suppression Systems for aggregate quarry
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed commissioning of an Enviroflo/Nalco DustFoam suppression system for an aggregate quarry in the Midlands. The system treats a number of crushers on site and was delivered to site pre-installed into two converted shipping containers. Read More

Enviroflo at Hillhead 2010
Enviroflo News
Come and visit Enviroflo Engineering and Nalco at Hillhead 2010, the world's biggest working quarry show. We will be there to answer your questions on Dust Control and Water Treatment and our stand will feature portable DustFoam Generating equipment and videos showing dust suppression systems in operation. Read More

Nalco Acquires Enviroflo Engineering
Enviroflo News
Following recent negotiations, Nalco Company - the world's leading water treatment and process improvement company - have purchased the Assets and Goodwill of Enviroflo Engineering Ltd (EEL). Nalco wish to extend their existing Dust Control business and this Acquisition is aimed at the European Market, Middle East and North Africa and other regions. Read More

Dust Suppression System for Rail Unloading Station in Africa
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed commissioning of a containerised dust suppression system at a Bauxite treatment plant in the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. The Enviroflo system treats dust emissions from a rail unloading terminal and two impact crushers. Read More

Enviroflo Systems Feature in Quarry Management
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering Dust Extraction and Dust Suppression Systems have featured in the February 2009 issue of Quarry Management - The monthly journal for the quarry products industry. The journal ran a feature on the £15 million investment by Cemex UK on Taff’s Well Quarry, near the village of Pentrych, just north of Cardiff.Read More

CEMEX win award for Enviroflo/Nalco DustFoam™ System
Enviroflo News
Each year the UK Quarry Products Association (QPA) issue a number of 'Achievement Awards' to operating Companies in the Quarry Industry. Out of a total of more than 200 applications put forward CEMEX gained a 'Highly Commended' Award for the Enviroflo/Nalco DustFoam™ System installed at Halkyn quarry.Read More

Quarry Replaces Venturi Scrubber with Bagfilter
Enviroflo News
A quarry in South West England have recently replaced a 40 year old Venturi Scrubber on their Batch Heater Plant with a state of the art Enviroflo Pulse Jet Filter. The new plant gives improved dust extraction and control, lower dust emissions, an increased capacity and the ability to return reclaimed filler dust to the process. Read More

Dust Foam Suppression System on Sinter Plant
Enviroflo News
A Steel Plant has recently ordered an Enviroflo/Nalco DustFoam™ Dust Suppression System covering part of their Sinter Plant. The part of the plant treated is the sinter handling system comprising a number of belt conveyors transporting hot sinter. Read More

Pulse Jet Filter for Asphalt Plant
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo have recently supplied a replacement Pulse Jet Filter to an aggregate quarry in Scotland. The filter replaces an old filter on their asphalt plant. Read More

Enviroflo Engineering Retrofit Pulse Jet Filter
Enviroflo News
Enviroflo Engineering have recently retrofitted a new custom designed Pulse Jet Filter top to an existing hopper for a Scottish quarry. Read More

Top Safety Accreditation for Enviroflo Engineering Limited
Enviroflo News
In gaining accreditation from SAFEcontractor, Enviroflo Engineering is one of the latest group of successful companies to join a leading edge scheme, designed to help industry improve its safety record. Read More

Enviroflo Exhibits at Hillhead
Enviroflo Engineering have recently exhibited at Hillhead 2007. This was the exhibition to attend for all those in the quarrying, recycling and heavy construction industries. Enviroflo Engineering and Nalco demonstrated the manufacture of DustFoam on their common stand to illustrate its ease of production and long term stability. Read More

Enviroflo Completes Installation for Hanson
Hanson Machen
Enviroflo Engineering have recently completed the installation of a twin bagfilter system for Hanson at their Machen Quarry. Original Reverse Air Filters some 18 years old were replaced by two Enviro Pulse Jet Filters complete with pneumatic conveying systems and dust conditioning equipment.Read More

Dust Suppression System Replaces Extraction
After careful study of existing dust extraction systems serving the crushers, screen and conveyors at Yeoman's Glensanda Quarry, it was decided to replace them with an Enviroflo-Nalco Dry Foam System.Read More

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